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special unspoken without sound.

post one!

daily import

rules (some are if i decide to open posting);
1 pictures only! please and thank you.
2 oh, wait. changed my mind already. videos are allowed too. but original videos, please. such as interviews - not fanvids.
3 please use a cut for pictures larger than 500x500. people like their friends page in the original size.
4 don't hotlink. tinypic and photobucket are your friend.
5 no promoting anything without permission from the mod.
6 go ahead and post news, but include a picture.
7 no icon posts!
8 have fun!

if you disobey, i will be mad and have to kick you out, lol. i do not take crap. don't even try.
credit: css

we are open entries, so feel free to watch/join.

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